Mobile search for your firm? Audit your potential traffic.

by Andreas on November 21, 2009

Mobile Search

Three days ago I was in an SEM strategy meeting with one of our clients. We were actually doing a webinar to train some of their staff members in the art of pay per click mastery, to help them become more effective. We reviewed some of the elements that are going on behind the scenes: quality score, the art of selecting keywords, creating the best campaign and AdGroup structure, etc.

We previously had made a decision to include mobile search results in our target audience for this campaign. Why? – was the question that came up. Initially it was just a hunch. Although this was an extremely tech-focused, B2B product range, we believed that a data systems manager or CIO would consult their Blackberry or iphone to research the market options. But was our hunch right? There is a way to find out.

It now is possible to get statistics on mobile search from Google. Of course you want to take these numbers with a grain of salt, but for some strategic planning for 2010 and beyond, they can shed light on a brand-new target market. And we were pleasantly surprised by what we found: Our hunch was right. Some of the numbers weren’t massive, but taking into consideration that these rae mobile search traffic statistics, they were significant.

Here’s how you gain access to the Google AdWords keyword tool for mobile search:

1. Go into your AdWords account

2. Click on the “opportunities” tab at the top


3. On the left nav bar, click on “keyword tool”

keyword tool2

4. Select the “Beta Keyword tool” link at the top


5. Now click on advanced options

advanced options2

6. Tick the mobile search box

mobile tick2

7. Evaluate the traffic


Once you determine that mobile search makes sense for you, there are more challenges to tackle:

- Create ad copy specifically designed for mobile search. The content needs to be even shorter than the standard AdWords ads and you need to think from a cell phone perspective: Does it make sense to download a 20 Meg white paper to a Blackberry or should there be a option to forward the link to your PC?

- Create a landing page with the limitations of mobile devices in mind. Again: it needs to be even shorter and more concise than your standard landing page

- Review how your organic results are showing up in the mobile browsers

But even if you don’t embrace a full-scale mobile advertising approach, it is vital for you to communicate with the stake holders at your company that there is mobile search traffic for your products and services and that you slowly have to change your approach to incorporate them in the future.


Take 15 minutes to familiarize yourself with the new AdWords mobile search option. Perform a few searches for your firm’s top keywords. You may be surprised at what you see. Bring this up at your next marketing strategy meeting and integrate your mobile customers into your planning.

Andreas Mueller is the President/Founder of Bloofusion.

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