Increasing your ROI by combining SEO with Persona-driven Marketing

by Andreas on March 16, 2010

If you believe that persona-driven marketing and SEO should be at the top of your marketing To Do List for this year, you’re preaching to the choir. If you have never seen SEO and persona-driven marketing integrated in a presentation, that’s about to change on March 18th.

Come to the morning roundtable of the Business Marketing Association of Northern California on March 18th 8:30AM – 10AM in Palo Alto where Steve Graff (Bloofusion) and Mike Gospe (Kickstart Alliance) will be leading a discussion on how to gain a competitive edge by understand your clients’ needs.

The following challenges will be addressed:

o How to move beyond a generic “target market” description in order to build a persona based on an their drivers and expectations of how and when they want to interact with vendors and partners

o Understanding how personas are searching for solutions and the language they use at each stage of the buying cycle (i.e. awareness, consideration, and decision)

o How and why SEO and search language terms should map directly to your positioning and messaging

o How to know if and when social media should play a role in your integrated marketing plans (IMP)

o How to close the loop by linking SEO activities with a “content strategy” in order to achieve the overall IMP objectives.

Sign up now on the Business Marketing Association site.

Andreas Mueller is the President/Founder of Bloofusion.

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